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Encrypted Email Providers

Encrypted Email

Zixmail Encrypted Email

Financial Institutions Are Required To Use Encrypted Email
The loss of financial information will be devastating to any financial institution. Financial transaction information, personal data and account information in the hands of unauthorized personnel could result in lawsuits and a PR nightmare. All of this can be avoided by implementing an encrypted email program.

Encrypted email protects valuable information while it is being transmitted over the internet. It scrambles the data so that anyone other than the intended recipient cannot read the information. This extra guarantee is a form of security for your company as well as your clients.

Zixmail email encryption service is a top provider of this type of service to financial institutions. Currently over 1100 financial institutions across the nation enjoy the protection that this service provides. Zixmail is the leader in servicing this particular industry.

The Zixmail encryption program will scan your outbound email for account numbers, social security data and other types of personal financial information that may be dangerous if intercepted. When the program finds this type of data in the email it will automatically encrypt the message. Additional information, based on the particular institutions needs, can also be programmed into the program so that it may be scanned for. The program also has the ability to prevent the email from being sent if the information contained in the email is deemed unsafe.

The Zixmail program is compliant with the FFIEC regulators for email security practices. Many institutions will find if they do not comply with encrypted email standards they can be fined and possibly sued.

A breach in security is not something that is heard about in the paper but “never happens here”. Cyber criminals spend there entire career looking for and exploiting information that they steal off the internet. Financial information is a hot commodity in this area of crime, and one simple breach could cost your company millions of dollars and its reputation.

The Zixmail program is user friendly and cost effective. The program can be ran from the desk top or done through an online server. The choice, and the custom features, is all up to the individual company. The program can accommodate as many individual email addresses as required. Currently, Zixmail boasts over 17 million secured email addresses using their program.

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