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Home Hosted Email Encryption Bundle

Why should you deploy our Hosted Exchange 2010 Encryption bundle?

Through the years, we’ve provided Exchange and encryption solutions to thousands of users. Some have been large companies and some have been very small companies. The one thing every company has in common is that they are trying to help their employees work more efficiently and keep their IT budget reasonable at the same time. ZixMailEncryption.com offers you everything you need to provide those efficiencies and keep those costs down, while also meeting your email encryption needs. Our Hosted Exchange and Encryption Bundle provides you with the functionality and cost savings of Hosted Exchange 2010 combined with our ZixGateway hosted email encryption solution. Your employees don’t have to use a desktop product that is cumbersome to manage and leaves room for user error. Our hosted solution will scan every outgoing email and encrypt messages based on content. No more worrying about whether or not your users will remember to hit the encrypt button…Call ZixMailEncryption.com today and let them help you implement a hosted email encryption bundle.


One low monthly price will provide a solution to all your email and encryption needs.  Call and speak with one of our email bundle specialists today!!


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* There is a one-time setup fee for hosted Exchange 2010 encryption bundles to be negotiated based on size and specific customer configuration needs.



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