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Policy-based Email Encryption

ZixGateway is a policy-based email encryption appliance for enterprise-wide regulatory compliance. It provides company-wide security, content filtering, and management of outbound corporate email. ZixGateway provides the benefits of a secure messaging gateway without having to create and manage encryption keys, by leveraging the world’s largest email encryption directory, ZixDirectory. Plus, it’s totally transparent to end users.

ZixGateway enables organizations to comply with industry regulations and corporate security policies with built-in lexicons that automatically encrypt messages to meet specific needs including healthcare, finance, and profanity. ZixGateway provides a secure and private channel for email communications between employees, customers, and business partners — or anyone with an email address.

ZixGateway employs the most efficient and secure way to deliver messages through ZixCorp’s unique Best Method of Delivery™. ZixGateway provides a secure and private channel for email communications among employees, customers, and business partners—or anyone with an email address.

Who uses ZixCorp’s Email Encryption Service?

  • Federal banking regulators
  • The Conference of State Bank Supervisors
  • Members of the American Bankers’ Association
  • More than 32 of the Blue Cross Blue Shield organizations
  • Health insurers protecting data for more than 70 million people
  • Over 1 in 5 hospitals across the United States
  • More than 2,000 financial institutions

ZixGateway’s Best Method of Delivery™ Diagram




  • Ability to send secure email to anyone
  • Built-in content scanning
  • Quick deployment in less than a day
  • No training for end users
  • No software to install and no additional resources needed
  • Seamless integration with existing infrastructure and systems


  • Centralized policy management for regulatory compliance
  • Automatic retrieval and distribution of public encryption keys through ZixDirectory
  • Full content scanning of message and attachments
  • Interoperability with S/MIME, OpenPGP, and TLS
  • Secure receive and reply for all recipients
  • Creation of certified receipts and non-refutable time stamps


Automated key management:

ZixGateway automates the most complicated and costly aspect of email encryption – key management. With ZixGateway, all key management is handled through ZixDirectory, the world’s largest public key repository. ZixDirectory tens of millions of members, providing ZixGateway customers instant and transparent email encryption with customers and partners.

By providing automated key exchange, ZixGateway seamlessly secures communication among members and can send emails securely to anyone, anywhere, without pre-registration, configuration, or certificate exchange. ZixDirectory also safeguards against expired keys and certificates by providing centralized distribution among all members.

Reliable, trusted and cost effective:

As part of ZixCorp’s Email Encryption Service, ZixGateway makes policy-based email encryption cost effective and easy. Installing and setting up policies in ZixGateway takes less than a day, saving you time and money. The automated key management provided through ZixDirectory means there are no wasted hours spent setting up and exchanging keys.

ZixCorp’s Email Encryption Service is managed from the ZixData Center. It is SysTrust certified and SAS-70 type II accredited and ZixCorp prides itself on maintaining the highest levels of performance and reliability.

With redundant power sources, storage units and security measures, the ZixData Center has the capacity and infrastructure to support every email address in the world with proven 99.99% reliability.

Flexible Delivery:

To ensure secure email communication with anyone, anywhere, ZixGateway supports the most common email security standards including TLS, S/MIME and OpenPGP, as well as two different methods (ZixPort and ZixDirect) of delivering sensitive data to users who don’t have email encryption capabilities. ZixPort is a pull technology that provides a secure portal for delivering sensitive information to customer and partners. It can be branded and integrated into your corporate portal. ZixDirect is a push technology that delivers encrypted emails directly to a user’s inbox and then allows them to read the message using their browser. All of these options combine to create ZixGateway’s Best Method of Delivery™, which automatically determines the most secure and transparent method of sending your message.

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